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You’re an editing, story-telling, content-creating, problem-solving ninja. As a video editor, you’ve got the skills and the innate ability to convert raw footage into an engaging story worthy of awards, or maybe just a big high-five. Regardless of how many years of experience, you have an amazing demo reel that’s going to blow our minds. You love editing more than any other role in the filmmaking process.  At KingdomWorks you will be responsible for editing various products, which include church DVD-based studies, documentaries and feature films. You’ll also create, from start to finish, cinema-quality trailers and promotions videos. You’re an imaginative and conceptual designer with strong communication skills. You basically, live and breathe the post-production process.


At KingdomWorks Studios, we’re passionate about telling stories visually and engaging our audiences emotionally. This is our strength. We’re also known for our top quality film products and original content. With every product, we bring something new to the table. We’re not afraid to tackle unpopular topics or technically challenging productions. And we never compromise on the content or quality of our work. We produce top quality Christian media products, from feature films, documentaries to church DVD teaching curriculums, study guides and other written material.

Here are our most recent films:

Our studio is laid-back and casual. We like to hang out at lunch and play ping-pong. But when the deadlines are looming we know how to get to work. You should too.

Learn more about us and the work we do at


  • Edit content for all sorts of projects, including church DVD-based curriculums, documentaries and feature films.
  • Strong narrative and storytelling ability.
  • Collaborate with the Director on a daily basis to ensure projects are delivered to the highest possible standards.
  • Help bring creative ideas to life in a relevant and engaging way, communicating ideas coherently and enthusiastically.
  • Absorb creative direction while bringing unique ideas to the table.
  • Demonstrate a strong sense of ownership and attention to detail during the production process.
  • Familiar with working in the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills.
  • Working knowledge of video encoding.
  • Working knowledge of RED DIGITAL cameras and the workflow of RAW footage.
  • Skilled in Graphic Design/Layout.
  • Skilled in Motion Graphics.
  • Basic audio design and mixing.
  • Possibly assist production team on-set during production.
  • The ability to create quality work on a deadline.


  • Photography
  • Musical literacy a plus
  • Comfortable with working in a Windows environment.
  • NUKE


  • Demo reel or portfolio of work.
  • 5+ years of editing experience.
  • Extensive experience using Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Excellent writing and editing skills.
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Can manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Analytical skills (both quantitative and qualitative).
  • Must have strong attention to detail, maintain confidentiality, problem solve (within scope of responsibility).
  • Willing to travel for film production purposes.

Top 5 Signs That You’re a Strong Candidate:

1. You believe that film is an amazingly powerful tool to reach the lost with the message of Jesus Christ. As a visual storyteller, you’re passionate about Christian film and communicating stories to reach nonbelievers.

2. You’re a perfectionist. You recognize there’s a lot of cheesy faith-based films out there and Christian media is getting a bad wrap. This is one reason why you take the extra time to create quality work, meticulously manipulating the feel and mood, always striving to improve and outdo your last project. At the end of the day, you edit to perfection not because someone is going to watch it, but because you have to watch it and you just can’t watch junk.

3. You’re an artist. As an artist, you’re not afraid to fail sometimes because you know it helps you learn quickly. This also means that you like to execute. You’re willing to roll up your sleeves and figure things out, not just talk about it.

4. You seek out advice. This means you can openly discuss your work and allow others to provide their critique and offer suggestions for how it can be improved. You have the ability to take direction well and share your ideas in a collaborative atmosphere. You’re in tune with other people’s ideas and openly ask others to weigh-in with their input.

5. Ping-Pong. We like Ping-Pong. You should too. If you like to scuba dive, then it could be a match made in heaven.

A link to your demo reel or online work must be provided.**

Location: Stuart, FL
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